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I have always been immersed into the world of fitness. As a child, I was thrust into gymnastics, and thought I could achieve joy by attaining the next medal, or winning the next championship. I kept striving for more. When it didn't make me happy, I thought I just needed to achieve more in order to feel the joy I desperately craved. Instead, I was always anxious and unsatisfied. It was only years later that I realized I was missing a fundamental part of life - inner strength and confidence.
Fast forward to when my son was born. I felt like a veil was lifted from my eyes, and all the physical and emotional traumas I had buried came to the surface. I realized I had to find a way to navigate through them in order to find fulfillment in my life and to finally feel like a whole person, not just for myself, but for my family. I worked on finding an authentic balance that brings true joy and fulfillment.
I've combined my immense knowledge of fitness and health, along with my love for movement, as a way to help others in their motherhood journey. It is a transformational program that truly works, helping you to thrive in your motherhood, to release negativity, eliminate procrastination, dispel the idea of perfectionism, and truly enjoy your own mind and body.

What others are saying...


Evgeniia has been a gift from God. After struggling with a chronic infection for a few years my body needed a tailored approach to help me start working out again and to start the slow rebuilding process after a few years of illness. Evgeniia kindly and persistently and wisely has been guiding me to take the steps I need to take in order to get out of fight or flight mode. I am finally putting better habits in place to make me a better mom and wife because of Evgeniia’s wise guidance. Her wisdom and insight as a homeschooling mom and a personal trainer has been so incredibly helpful because I know she knows what I am going through. I will be forever thankful for her help in my healing journey.


Working with Evgeniia has been a tremendous blessing.  After months of following her Instagram account, I set up a discovery call and then backed out.  Months later, after a stressful season that resulted in a 25 pound weight gain, I decided to talk with Evgeniia and decide if working with her would be a good fit for me.  I already knew from following her online that I would love her approach.  Self kindness, healthy habits, movement, sunshine, and a focus on nourishing the body were values I knew we would be focusing on should I choose to work with her.  I knew these values would be more important and productive for me than a hard and fast approach.  This turned out to be true! 


Evgeniia was there for me during the entire process like a Doula. She helped explain some detox symptoms, recommended recipes and worked WITH me to alter my workouts according to what my hyper-mobile body needed and could actually do without hurting. It's not yet a full year since I joined the Nourished Motherhood program but I have never been more grateful for a person than I am for Evgeniia. She has been such a support for me during my journey to health (which has contained some unexpected turns) and I know I'm not the only Homeschool Mama who feels this way!


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