1Weeks Coaching Program

All The Tools You Need To Balance your Health while Homeschooling.


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Nourish Your Body through Real Food.

…and kiss dieting (and food guilt) goodbye! Learn how to pursue genuine nourishment for you and your family that will last. No fads, no tricks, no expensive ingredients or complex recipes. Who even has the time for that?!

Personalized Movement and Exercise plan that actually works.

Let’s be honest- you homeschool; your time is valuable and in short supply. That’s why these short but effective (and customized to you) workouts exist! No expensive gym membership or embarrassingly fit personal trainer required. Your movement will improve your strength & stamina, slip right into your regular day-to-day homeschool activities and leave you feeling empowered to boot! Say yes to more energy, a strong and stable body and to being an active participant in your children’s lives.

Learn Growth Mindset to Help You Persevere…

Allow me to come alongside you, to help you to health from the inside out by encouraging a positive mental posture. Let’s get to the roots of self doubt and deprivation, emotional eating or movement avoidance with simple tools to help you move your mind and body away from ‘stuck’.

You’re not alone!

And that’s what makes this program so much more effective. Join with a group of likeminded mothers, all homeschooling, all going through the daily attrition of life and all here to achieve a better future of health for themselves. No comparisons or guilt. Just encouragement, accountability, wisdom shared and a gentle (and fun) community to support you when your motivation fails.

A Workout Plan that you can actually commit to!

Your movement & workout plan is tailored specifically to you and your health and fitness goals. Do them at home or take them outside. Include your kiddos too as part of their physical education. Each plan is low stress, easy to follow and most critically - easy to fold into your regular schedule.

Your future self is calling…

As homeschool parents, we (more than most) go through our days with an eye on the future. We all already agree that every day, every choice is an investment in the future.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to be the role model of health to your family that you wish you had as a child. They learn all things by watching, listening and absorbing the world as YOU live it. This is your chance to press reset, and start walking the walk. Show them how it looks to care for yourself well.

And why not gift your older self with a healthy and strong body and a positive and vibrant mind and disposition? The long term effects of small healthful changes are numerous. Let’s work together on a healthy future for you, and your family too.

Nourished Motherhood

1:1 Coaching

Make hay while the sun shines - literally! No time like the Summer to make positive changes that will carry you through every season ahead.

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